This project is inspired by brutalist architecture and fully conveys its mood. The vital message of the project is "aesthetics for kinesthetics."
The creator of small concrete tetrapods started this project inspired by Brutalist architecture. For this job, I developed the naming and design to help the target audience feel connected to big brutalist ideas through the small and straightforward concrete artifact. The project is commercial.

The name was borrowed from the Hebrew word Undarta that translates as "monument." It turned into a short name, "UT." I chose this word because brutalist buildings are no longer being built so that we can consider them as monuments.

I picked a black and white color scheme, which perfectly emphasizes the mood of the project. Graphic elements consist of columns, as the latter were an essential attribute of Brutalist buildings. I also put a water texture on columns since tetrapods are constituent parts of breakwaters and interact with water in everyday life.
Graphic Design

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