This promo campaign for the KMDA Department of Culture aimed to attract citizens and visitors of Kyiv to museums in the city.
Attendance at museums has dropped dramatically, which is a big problem for the city's cultural environment. Our task was to attract citizens, tourists, and the younger generation to little-known museums, show that culture is the new trend, and foster the habit of going to a museum.

To update and modernize the image of museums, we put them in a modern context. The present is saturated with social media, so we decided to make museums a part of our lives as social media is.

We revisited some attributes from social media and made them part of our visual language. Copywriting supports this idea using wordplay (history and stories sound the same in Ukrainian).

Since the project was developed for Ukraine, the language of the project is Ukrainian.
Сoncept development
Graphic Design

Oksana Shkoropad
Julia Bochok

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